Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to apply Patch to K800

About Patches
Includes some kind of Flash CODES in note pad. Sony ericsson Main firmware instead codes can change & modify by Appling patches

Using patches some weakness can avoid & you can improve the features of your phone and also change the graphics of the phone. Eg- “bluetooth_minimize.vkp” after applying when transfer data via-bluetooth ,you can minimize it.

How to apply patches
First of all before applying patches install the usb flash driver to the pc then using setool 2 lite make backup GDFS in first time

Hence now apply quick access patch

Using setool 2 lite enable quick access patching for your firmware using db2020 security bypass and from then on apply other patches using quick access patch.

  1. Drag & drop main firmware (K800_R8BF003_MAIN_GENERIC_WI_RED 52) to the qamaker.exe then generate quick access patch.vkp (Qamaker is included in the Setool 2 lite download archive)
  2. Select the phone model, check the Bypass DB2020 security checkbox .
  3. Click add and add the main firmware you used to generate quick access patch.
  4. Misc Files click ‘….’ and add the quick access vkp patch generated.
  5. Connect the phone while holding C button of your phone , Press Flash button & Leave C when phone gets detected and operation starts.
  6. After db2020 security bypass operations finished
  7. Asks you to unplug phone, reinsert battery, Press READY and then connect phone holding C. Do it in order, Correctly.
  8. When main firmware flashed it starts to apply the patch.
  9. Click NO to apply patch. after few minutes Patching will complete and you have successfully applied the quick access patch

Now you can apply patches

  • Select phone model
  • only check Use “quick access” patch
  • add patch file (.vkp) to the MISC files box
  • Click Write script button (beware of clicking other button it could be damage your phone)
  • Click NO to apply patch

After patching is done setool 2 lite says .vkp executed disconnect phone reinsert battery and start your phone.

(Note – Applying several patches it’s not match each other then setool 2 lite ask message “vkp patch different continue” click No that mean you can not use this patch any more)

Setool 2 lite download 4shared.com

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Patches downloads se-lifestyle.com,4shared.com
more support forums.se-nse.net

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