Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elf Pack K800

K800 R8BF003 Tartes Elfpack v1.9.2Fix Starter Kit


1. Remove any previous elfpack and patched library from phone.

2. Connect phone in 'Mass storage' mode and copy folders to relevent locations.

3. Disconnect phone from 'Mass storage' SAFELY!!, reinsert battery connect to JDFlasher or SETool
and apply patches in the patches folder. (If you have Heapshift vkp already then obviously you don't
need to apply this one).

4. Disconnect from JDF/Setool SAFELY!!!, reinsert battery and turn on.

Hopefully now you will have a elf enabled phone. You should also have a different startup menu which enables you to startup the phone with the elfpack disabled. It can be turned on later by running EPManager elf. You will notice that the library files are located in usb/other/zbin/config. There is a lib.bin and a lib.vkp.The lib.bin is loaded first and if its not present for any reason, Tartes elfpack will use the lib.vkp. Having the lib this way instead of patching it makes it very easy to update the library with new functions. To update the lib.bin you can use Binedit elf, to edit the vkp just use notepad.Its a good idea to keep an eye on any new funcions from or SE-NSE because problems can arise from running elfs with missing funcions. To add new constants to the dyn_const.bin use DynEdit elf or DynEditor elf.You may also notice that a few elfs are 'hidden'. This is because a couple of them may reboot if directly run from file manager (ThemeUnpacker.elf / BCFGEdit.elf). They need to be run via Bookmanager or by other elfs.
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K800 Elf pack
K800 Elves

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