Thursday, March 4, 2010

E-mail Configering for Sony Erisson

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Read, write and send emails directly from your mobile phone. Enter account information for your existing email account and gain full, remote access to your emails.

Sony Ericsson can set up your email account on your phone automatically:

  • Follow the instructions on screen. To choose a webmail provider like Yahoo, Google or Hotmail, select Lifestyle Email when asked to choose your email provider.
  • Select your email provider and continue to follow the instructions.
Select phone model
click K800 quick links -click phone settings for e-mail
Set up your phone for e-mail -complete the relevant information

You can also set up your email manually

  1. Account name- Gmail IMAP
  2. Email alert- select
  3. Connect using- select service provider profile
  4. E-mail address-
  5. Connection type- IMAP4
  6. Incoming server-
  7. Username-
  8. Password- your email password
  9. Outgoing Server-
  10. Advanced settings- edit
  11. Your name- no need but if u want
  12. Signature -no need but if u want
  13. Download S&R- up to size limit
  14. Check Interval- choose your opinion
  15. Push email- off
  16. Allow connection- Home network
  17. Copy outgoing- off
  18. Encryption-
Incoming server– SSL
Outgoing server- no encryption
19.Outgoing username –If u want write


21.Incoming port-993

22.Outgoing port-587

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user of Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 said...

hi, can you help me configure my email settings for my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 ???