Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to inslall Elfs Packs to K800

Elfs is the software but it’s powerful applications that can add lots of functionality to your mobile phone. They are just like the Walkman or the Media player of your Phone.

To active the elfs of your phone you have to apply two patches there are Elfpack patch and a lib patch ,in additional You must also put a small file called DYN_CONST.bin on your phone memory.

How to install Elfs pack

W810 /Z550 / W550 / W600 / K770 / K790 / K800 / K810 / W830 / W850 /W660:

  • Create ZBin in the Other folder of the phone memory and Daemons folder in the Other folder of the memory stick
  • Create Config in the ZBin folder
  • Put DYN_CONST.bin inside this Config folder
  • Put all elfs that you wan't to manually start in the ZBin folder, while all elfs that you wan't to start with your phone in the Daemons folder.

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